Apache Spark on Raspberry Pi 2

This is the first post of a series about Raspberry PI 2 BigData Cluster for OSX.

  1. Apache Spark on Raspberry Pi 2
  2. Apache Spark 1.4.0 on Raspberry PI 2 Cluster
  3. One Step Spark/Hadoop Installer for OSX v0.1.0
  4. Build Hadoop Cluster with 5 clicks


Courtesy of RPI Foundation
Courtesy of RPI Foundation

I think Raspberry PI is a great platform to experience how a small computer could bring difference to every little corner. Here comes my own example. I am a programmer, and, with the recent frenzy of data science, I put my hands on Apache Spark on Hadoop. The thing about the combination is it needs a cluster of computers, at least three, to find out how it works.

There are basically two options; cloud or my own. Long story short (this could be lengthy. For example, look here), none really seems to fully address my need. Then it was last Feb. when a news hit me. Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 2! It must run Spark!, I thought.

After running Spark/Hadoop on a cluster of six Raspberry Pi 2 for about three months so far, I can say my hunch paid me.

Word Count on RPI cluster
WordCount on RPI2 cluster
Spark WebUI
Spark WebUI
RPI2 Spark cluster running
RPI2 Spark cluster running

Finally, here comes the RPI2 image with following items

  • Scala 2.11
  • Hadoop 2.6
  • Spark 1.3.1

Download RPI2 Node Image : 2015-05-31_rpi-spark.img.7z

I will continue on how to setup a Raspberry PI 2 next time.

*  [2015-11-08] A new raspberry image will be uploaded. old image is removed for now.


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