PocketCluster 0.1.3

PocketCluster will soon be available after fixing few bugs.  Please contact @stkim1 or join the slack channel for further detail.

PocketCluster builds a BigData cluster on OSX with Raspberry PI 2 or Vagrant. Compare pros and cons side by side and choose the best possible one for your need.

Vagrant (3 Nodes) Raspberry PI 2 (up-to 6 Nodes)
  • Multi-nodes cluster within a Mac
  • No extra hardware required
  • Can carry anywhere
  • *Real* multi-nodes environment
  • Experience can translate to data-center environment
  • Minimal amount of memory required
  • No to minimum noise & heat
  • At least 3GB memory, 9GB disk space required
  • Can heat up your Mac
  • Operable in a stationary environment
  • Extra hardware required

Supported Packages

Package Version Release Note
Apache Spark 1.5.2 RN 1.5.2
Apache Hadoop 2.4.0 RN 2.4.0

Vagrant Cluster (3 Nodes)

At least 3GB memory, 9GB disk space required. (A Mac with at least 8 GB Memory configuration is strongly recommended.)

Make sure remote login service is enabled, and install the following pre-requisites. Copy PocketCluster into Application folder. Make sure your internet connection is solid. Then you are all set to go.

Raspbery PI 2 Cluster (Up to 6-Nodes)

A Mac with 4 GB Memory configuration works ok.  Only *Raspberry PI 2* is supported at this point.

RPI2 cluster requires an Ethernet connection. If PocketCluster runs on a Macbook, you’d need an Ethernet Adapter. (iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Pro do not need an adapter.)

  1. Make sure all the RPI2s are behind the same router as the Mac is.
  2. Download the RPI2 ubuntu image below, and bake the image into an SD Card (at least 8 GB SD Card recommended). Everything you’d need is already installed and configured. Slide the baked SD cards into RPI2 slots, and power up RPI2s.
  3. Make sure remote login service is enabled just for you.
  4. Install the following pre-requisites.
  5. Copy PocketCluster into Application folder. Make sure your internet connection is solid. You are good to go then.

PocketCluster 0.1.3

Post Series

  1. How to Build Raspberry PI / Vagrant Hadoop Cluster
  2. How to Install Apache Spark

Question & Feedback

Have a question? Something doesn’t work?

Post your issue to Github issue page.
You can come to PocketCluster channel for discussion.
If that doesn’t work, tweet me @stkim1

I’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible. 😉