Weekly Machine Learning Opensource Roundup – Mar. 14, 2019


GIPHY Celebrity Detector
GIPHY’s Open-Source Celebrity Detection Deep Learning Model

A library for prototyping realtime hand detection (bounding box), directly in the browser.

Snake Game Using Tensorflow Object Detection API
Playing snake game using your hand gestures and Tensorflow Object Detection API

Game Detection API using Tensorflow and Go

Facebook like automatic alternative (alt) text for images using object detection with pre-trained model

Benchmarking Keras and PyTorch Pre-Trained Models
Reproducible Benchmarking of Keras and PyTorch Models

From Keras to C
A practical example of Tensorflow C API based deployment starting from a model trained with Tensorflow + Keras


A pipeline for fast prototyping Deep Reinforcement Learning (DeepRL) problems using PyTorch and Gym, and dm_control.


Text Coherence Analysis Based on Deep Neural Network


C++ bindings for Node.js exposing a subset of matplotlib’s functionality through the CPython API.

A Transformer implementation in Keras’ Imperative (Subclassing) API for TensorFlow


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