Weekly Machine Learning Opensource Roundup – Jan. 31, 2019


Deep Learning Drizzle
Drench yourself in Machine Learning by learning from these exciting lectures.

Learning to Drive Smoothly in Minutes
Implementation of reinforcement learning approach to make a car learn to drive smoothly in minutes


The HMM filter package
Improve classifier predictions for sequential data with Hidden Markov Models (HMMs)

A compiler and runtime for machine learning models. The compiler optimizes machine learning models for various target hardware. The runtime executes the model on the target hardware.


Bottom-up Object Detection by Grouping Extreme and Center Points

ENet – Real Time Semantic Segmentation
A Neural Net Architecture for real time Semantic Segmentation

Character Based CNN
Implementation of character based convolutional neural network

PyTorch Implementation of “Large-Scale Image Retrieval with Attentive Deep Local Features”


A Python module for parallel optimization of expensive black-box functions

golang library for computing matrix profiles along with other time series analysis features


A GPU-powered real-time analytics storage and query engine.

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