Weekly Machine Learning Opensource Roundup – Nov. 1, 2018


Machine Learning in MatLab/Octave
MatLab/Octave examples of popular machine learning algorithms with code examples and mathematics being explained

YSDA course in Natural Language Processing
Lecture and seminar materials for each week are in ./week* folders

Space invaders, but the invaders evolve with genetic algorithm


AI research environment for the Atari 2600 games

Anonymizing faces and license plates to improve privacy and make it easier for companies to comply with GDPR


A new method of pre-training language representations which obtains state-of-the-art results on a wide array of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks.

Keras implementation of BERT with pre-trained weights

A lightweight and scalable TensorFlow AutoML framework for training and deploying adaptive neural networks using the AdaNet algorithm

This repository contains the code to predict skeleton movements that correspond to music, published in “Audio To Body Dynamics”, CVPR 2018

TL-GAN: transparent latent-space GAN
Use supervised learning to illuminate the latent space of GAN for controlled generation and edit

Progressive Calibration Networks (PCN) is an accurate rotation-invariant face detector running at real-time speed on CPU, published in CVPR 2018.

Learning to Communicate with Deep Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning in PyTorch

Spatium v1
Spatium models the co-location pattern discovery as a clique enumeration problem over a neighborhood graph, with three new traversal based algorithms.


Efficient PyTorch Hessian eigen-decomposition using the Hessian-vector product and stochastic power iteration

The Cutest Deep Learning Framework which is also a wonderful Declarative Language

A mobile-optimized implementation of quantized neural network operators

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