Weekly Machine Learning Opensource Roundup – June 28, 2018


2018 MachineLearning Lectures ESA
Machine Learning Lectures at the European Space Agency (ESA) in 2018

Financial Times Visual Vocabulary
A poster and web site to assist designers and journalists to select the optimal symbology for data visualisations, by the Financial Times Visual Journalism Team.

The goal of this website is to serve as a community-run hub for learning about robust ML. This list contains proposed white-box defenses to adversarial examples, along with third-party analyses / security evaluations.

Tracking Progress in Natural Language Processing
Repository to track the progress in Natural Language Processing (NLP), including the datasets and the current state-of-the-art for the most common NLP tasks.

Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing
Organized Resources for Deep Learning in Natural Language Processing

Mortality Explorer
Tool for querying US mortality data, modeled in Neo4J with React/GraphQL interface (GRAND stack)

Generating Atari images using Generative Adversarial Networks

EGADS Java Library
Extensible Generic Anomaly Detection System is an open-source Java package to automatically detect anomalies in large scale time-series data. EGADS is meant to be a library that contains a number of anomaly detection techniques applicable to many use-cases in a single package with the only dependency being Java.

Cancer metastasis detection with neural conditional random field (NCRF)


The data templating language

A CLI tool for digital process automation (RPA). It is maintained by AI Singapore, a government-funded initiative to build local artificial intelligence capabilities. To start, check out above tutorial, slides, or video.


An efficient multi-scale training approach for instance-level recognition tasks like object detection and instance-level segmentation

A TensorFlow implementation of Scalable Distributed Deep-RL with Importance Weighted Actor-Learner Architectures.

TensorFlow Implementation of ChoiceNet on regression tasks

Baselines incl. RUDDER
RUDDER for ATARI games with delayed rewards in OpenAI Baselines package


A SQLite vtable extension to read Parquet files

fast DNN inference library with multiple programming language support

A library for tensors and neural networks in Haskell. It is an independent open source community project which leverages the core C libraries shared by Torch and PyTorch.

A python library built to empower developers to build applications and systems with self-contained Computer Vision capabilities

A Python package for neural network compression research to reduce the memory footprint of a neural network, increase its inference speed and save energy


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