Weekly Machine Learning Opensource Roundup – June 14, 2018


Launchaco AI Logo Builder
Free AI powered logo builder

Free automated deep learning for spreadsheets

Character Animation in Unity3D using Deep Learning and Biologically-Inspired Artificial Intelligence

Tensorflow Eager Tutorials
Simple tutorials for building neural networks with TensorFlow Eager

Audio Auto-Tagging
Convolutional Neural Network for auto-tagging of audio clips on MagnaTagATune dataset


A friendly package manager for R

TensorFlow Serving
A flexible, high-performance serving system for machine learning models

Include Jupyter notebook cells in TeX documents

tSNE for TensorFlow.js
An improved tSNE implementation that runs in web browser with WebGL


Attention Primer
A demonstration of the attention mechanism with some toy experiments and explanations.

Intelligent Interface
Research into the capabilities of RL applied to User Interface

TensorFlow implementation of Inference Networks for Structured Prediction Energy Networks.

Speech Recognition with Tensorflow
Implementation of a seq2seq model for speech recognition. Architecture similar to Listen, Attend and Spell.

Pre-trained TensorFlow.js models
Pretrained models for TensorFlow.js


Friendly machine learning for the web!

A durable datalog implementation adaptable for distribution.

Handle, manipulate, and convert data with units in Python

Stateful fail-tolerant data streaming library based on Akka Streams. Inspired by Chandy-Lamport algorithm and similar implementation in Apache Flink.


Natural Series Db
A time-series database streaming oriented optimized for the serving layer.


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