Weekly Machine Learning Opensource Roundup – June 7, 2018


A simple emoji classifier for humans.

HD CelebA Cropper
Obtain high resolution face images from CelebA with deep image quality assessment method to evaluate and rank the cropped image quality

Reinforcement Learning Notebooks
A collection of Reinforcement Learning algorithms from Sutton and Barto’s book and other research papers implemented in Python.

MNIST Tensorflow Code
It contains Data Augmentaion, Strided convolution, Batch Normalization, Leaky Relu, Global Average pooling, L2 Regularization, learning rate decay, He initialization, Tensorboard, Save, Restore


Scikit learn model persistence using MsgPack

A tool to measure and mitigate the effects discriminatory patterns in training data and the predictions made by machine learning algorithms trained for the purposes of socially sensitive decision processes.

Backdrop: stochastic backpropagation
A flexible and easy to implement tool for introducing stochasticity to the gradient and can be intuitively described as dropout along the backpropagation pipeline

AutoML was built to improve the accuracy of your machine learning models and make them more accessible by automatically creating a data analysis pipeline


Automatic Academic Paper Rating: Data and Model

Generating Graphical User Interfaces from Code

Residual Networks for Vehicle Detection
An implementation of Faster R-CNN applied to vehicle detection.

Self-Attention-GAN in Tensorflow
Simple Tensorflow implementation of “Self-Attention Generative Adversarial Networks” (SAGAN)


Scala Math – Numerical (Matlab-like) and Symbolic (Mathematica-like) tool

A fast, flexible, and performant feature selection package for python.

An Embedded, Modern Computer Vision & Machine Learning Library


Databricks MLflow
An open source platform designed to manage the entire machine learning lifecycle and work with any machine learning library


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