Weekly Machine Learning Opensource Roundup – Apr. 19, 2018


RNN Tutorial for Artists
A comprehensive overview of recurrent neural networks, intended for readers without any machine learning background. Here’s the blog post.

Runway: Machine Learning for Everyone
A desktop application that allows to easily run state of the art machine learning models and use them in creative and interactive ways.

Which of the Hollywood stars is most similar to my voice?
A deep neural network for finding text-independent speaker embedding written in tensorflow and tensorpack

Deploy Keras Model with Flask as Web App
Pretty & simple image classifier app template. Deploy your own trained model or pre-trained model (VGG, ResNet, Densenet) to a web app using Flask in 10 minutes.

Deep Learning Programming Language Detection
Deep Learning using Keras to detect programming language of a file or snippet

AntiNex Core
Network exploit detection using highly accurate pre-trained deep neural networks with Celery + Keras + Tensorflow + Redis

Awesome Transfer Learning
Best transfer learning and domain adaptation resources (papers, tutorials, datasets, etc.)

Awesome Action Recognition
A curated list of action recognition and related area (e.g. object recognition, pose estimation) resources.

Neural-Style-Transfer Papers
Selected papers, corresponding codes and pre-trained models in a review paper.


Tweet Generator
Train a neural network optimized for generating tweets based off of any number of Twitter users.

Tools to work with the big reddit JSON data dump.

Helper functions to create COCO datasets

Python libraries for Google Colaboratory

Computes features for images using various pretrained Tensorflow models

Tcl extension embedding “R” Project for Statistical Computing (librtcl)



A sklearn implementation of the machine-learning DeepSuperLearner algorithm, A Deep Ensemble method for Classification Problems.

Replication of Uber Neuroevolution paper

Spherical CNNs
Equivariant CNNs for the sphere and SO(3) implemented in PyTorch

Implementation of Convolutional Neural Network for Relation Extraction with Deep Learning Approach in Tensorflow

Multimodal Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation


Easy to use library to bring Tensorflow on Apache Spark

TensorFlow Probability
Probabilistic reasoning and statistical analysis in TensorFlow


A large-scale entity and relation database supporting very large graphs containing rich, aggregated properties on the nodes and edges. Several storage options are available, including Accumulo, Hbase and Parquet.

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