Weekly Machine Learning Opensource Roundup – Apr. 5, 2018


Parkinsons AI
Detect Parkinsons using XGBoost and Neural Networks

Five Video Classification Methods
Code that accompanies my blog post outlining five video classification methods in Keras and TensorFlow

Imagination Augmented Agents
Building Agents with Imagination: pytorch easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial


ANN Visualizer
A python library for visualizing Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)


Deep Extreme Cut in PyTorch

Keras implementation of Deeplab v3+ with pretrained weights

TensorFlow Code for paper “Efficient Neural Architecture Search via Parameter Sharing”


TensorFlow Hub
A library for transfer learning by reusing parts of TensorFlow models.

A WebGL accelerated, browser based JavaScript library for training and deploying ML models.

TensorFlow Model Analysis
A library for evaluating TensorFlow models. It allows users to evaluate their models on large amounts of data in a distributed fashion, using the same metrics defined in their trainer

Text pre-processing modules for deep learning for Keras and Tensorflow

A fast implementation of GloVe, with optional retrofitting

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