Weekly Machine Learning Opensource Roundup – Mar. 22, 2018


Sketch Code
Keras model to generate HTML code from hand-drawn website mockups. Implements an image captioning architecture to drawn source images.

Fast Pandas
Benchmark for different operations in pandas against various dataframe sizes.

A tool for anomaly detection over streaming data based on sentiment analysis

Experimental typesafe deep learning in Scala

Verilog Generator of Neural Net Digit Detector for FPGA
A project training and converting neural net in verilog HDL to detect dark digits on light background


Git for data scientists – manage your code and data together

Kafka Elasticsearch Injector
Golang app to read records from a set of kafka topics and write them to an elasticsearch cluster

This code will evaluate the performance of your neural net for object recognition using the mean Average Precision (mAP).

Live Loss Plot
Live training loss plot in Jupyter Notebook for Keras, PyTorch and others

LabNotebook is a tool that allows you to flexibly monitor, record, save, and query all your machine learning experiments.

Simple TensorFlow Serving
Generic and easy-to-use serving service for machine learning models


Quantized word vectors that take 8x-16x less storage/memory than regular word vectors

Unsupervised Neural Machine Translation

Pytorch implementation of deep person re-identification approaches


An open source C++ library, compiler and runtime for Deep Learning frameworks

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