Weekly Machine Learning Opensource Roundup – Feb. 22, 2018


A guide for High School students to learning Machine Learning and AI
A learning path in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for High School students

NLP concepts with spaCy
The aim of this notebook is to introduce a few simple concepts and techniques from NLP – just the stuff that’ll help you do creative things quickly

A critical reading list for engineers, designers, and policy makers
Toward ethical, transparent and fair AI/ML: a critical reading list for engineers, designers, and policy makers

Dynamic Neural Manifold
A neural network architecture with a static execution graph that acts as a dynamic neural network in which connections between various neurons are controlled by the network itself.


Python pretty printer for matrices and column vectors.


An implementation of Nvidia’s fast photorealistic style transfer algorithm. Given a content photo and a style photo, the code can transfer the style of the style photo to the content photo.

Efficient Neural Architecture Search (ENAS) in PyTorch
PyTorch implementation of “Efficient Neural Architecture Search via Parameters Sharing”

Neural Phrase-based Machine Translation
NPMT explicitly models the phrase structures in output sequences using Sleep-WAke Networks (SWAN), a recently proposed segmentation-based sequence modeling method


A Python framework for sequence labeling evaluation (named-entity recognition, pos tagging, etc…)

Pytorch CNN Finetune
Fine-tune pre-trained Convolutional Neural Networks with PyTorch

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