Weekly Machine Learning Opensource Roundup – Dec. 28, 2017


Twitter Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment analysis on tweets using Naive Bayes, SVM, CNN, LSTM, etc.

Penn Machine Learning Benchmarks
A large, curated repository of benchmarks for evaluating supervised machine learning algorithms.

NP-Hard Deep Reinforcement Learning
Combinatorial optimization with DL/RL in PyTorch

AC-GAN Biased
Experiments verifying that AC-GAN downsamples points near decision boundary

Going Deeper
Infinite Deep Neural Networks

Boring Detector
State-of-the-art detector of Boring hats in images and videos.


A PyTorch implementation of the agent presented in Playing FPS Games with Deep Reinforcement Learning.

A javascript library that extends D3.js to enable fast and beautiful visualizations.

Jupyter Vim Binding
Jupyter meets Vim. Vimmer will fall in love.


Bottom-Up Attention VQA
An efficient PyTorch implementation of the winning entry of the 2017 VQA Challenge.

A partial implementation of the Rainbow agent in PyTorch. Rainbow is a deep Q learning based agent that combines a bunch of existing techiques such as dueling dqn, distributional dqn, etc.

Implementation of paper “GibbsNet: Iterative Adversarial Inference for Deep Graphical Models” in PyTorch


A library for Multilingual Unsupervised or Supervised word Embeddings

A fast, ergonomic and portable tensor library in Nim with a deep learning focus

Face detection library for the Rust programming language

An open source C++ face recognition engine, which can run on CPU with no third-party dependence


The Koç University deep learning framework implemented in Julia by Deniz Yuret and collaborators. It supports GPU operation and automatic differentiation using dynamic computational graphs for models defined in plain Julia.

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