BigData and ML Toolset & Library Weekly Roundup – Oct. 12, 2017

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PyTorch Zero To All
Simple PyTorch Tutorials Zero to ALL!

Pandas Cookbook
Recipes for using Python’s pandas library

Simple LSTM
Minimal, clean example of lstm neural network training in python, for learning purposes.

Awesome GAN Applications
Curated list of awesome GAN applications and demo

Word-level language modeling RNN
word-language-model imported and modified from pytorch-examples

Nvidia OpenSeq2Seq
Multi-GPU sequence to sequence learning

Knowledge Browser
Real-time query spark and visualise it as graph.

OpenSim Reinforcement Learning
Reinforcement learning environments with musculoskeletal models


Deep Learning toolkit for Computer Vision

Fast, flexible and easy to use probabilistic modelling in Python.

SQL-based streaming analytics platform at scale

Image Monkey Core
ImageMonkey is a free, public open source image validation service.

Sequence Semantic Embedding
An encoder framework toolkit for NLP related tasks and it’s implemented in TensorFlow by leveraging TF’s convenient DNN/CNN/RNN/LSTM etc


Poincare Embeddings
NumPy implementation of Poincaré Embeddings for Learning Hierarchical Representations (Facebook Research)

PyTorch QRNN
PyTorch implementation of the Quasi-Recurrent Neural Network – up to 16 times faster than NVIDIA’s cuDNN LSTM

This repository provides code for machine learning algorithms for edge devices developed at Microsoft Research India.


Deep Learning Library (DLL) for C++

Neural networks in JavaScript


A lightweight, modular, and scalable deep learning framework.

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