Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – Sep. 28, 2017

Yahoo has recently open-sourced Vespa, a Big Data Processing and Serving Engine, with CNBC’s praise for its battle-hardened content recommendation, AD targeting, and search execution capabilities.


Deep Learning tutorials in jupyter notebooks.

Archive the Twitter sample firehose and daily trends

Benchmark Databases
A minimal benchmark of various tools (statistical software, databases etc.) for working with tabular data of moderately large sizes (interactive data analysis).

Baidu – Mobile Deep Learning
This research aims at simply deploying CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) on mobile devices, with low complexity and high speed.


A Game Agent Framework helping you create AIs / Bots to play any game you own

Unity Machine Learning Agents
Unity Machine Learning Agents

This C++ toolbox is aimed at representing and solving common AI problems, implementing an easy-to-use interface with Python bindings which should be hopefully extensible to many problems, while keeping code readable.

A dataset for RGB-D machine learning tasks captured throughout 90 properties with a Matterport Pro Camera


PyTorch Generative Model Collections
Collection of generative models in Pytorch version

Splitting GAN
Code for Class-Splitting Generative Adversarial Networks


A Library for Bayesian Deep Learning, Generative Models, Based on Tensorflow

A small Julia library and package wrapper for ML/PR/AI

Computational graph library for Machine Learning. The main point is to combine mathematical operation together to form a workflow of choice. The graph takes care of evaluating the gradient of all the inputs to ease up setting up the minimizer.

Face Alignment
2D and 3D Face alignment library build using PyTorch


Yahoo – Vespa
An engine for low-latency computation over large data sets. It stores and indexes your data such that queries, selection and processing over the data can be performed at serving time.

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