Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – Aug. 31, 2017


Awesome Time Series in Python
This curated list contains python packages for time series analysis

Awesome Core ML Models
Largest list of Apple Core ML models

The Nuts and Bolts of Deep RL Research
Hacks for training RL systems from John Schulman’s lecture at Deep RL Bootcamp

Deep Learning Frameworks
Demo of running NNs across different frameworks

Random Forest Explainer
A set of tools to understand what is happening inside a Random Forest

Scratch Implementations of Major Machine Learning Algorithms

A classic arcade space shooter with ML-powered AI



Torch7 -> CoreML

Cruise Control for Apache Kafka
A fully automate the dynamic workload rebalancer and self-healing of a kafka cluster

Doctor Kafka
A service for Kafka cluster auto healing and workload balancing

A Streaming SQL Engine for Apache Kafka

A MNIST-like fashion product database for benchmark.



Tensorflow Generative Model Collections
Collection of generative models in Tensorflow

ARC PyTorch
PyTorch implementation of Attentive Recurrent Comparators

ResNet 1K Layers
Deep Residual Networks with 1K Layers


Kafka Node
Node.js client for Apache Kafka 0.8 and later.

Pytorch C++ Library

A GPU (CUDA) based Artificial Neural Network library

1000+ tools, frameworks and libraries indexed at PocketCluster Index!
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