Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – Aug. 17, 2017


Effective TensorFlow
TensorFlow tutorials and best practices

CommandCenter: StarCraft 2 AI Bot
CommandCenter is a StarCraft II playing bot written in C++ using Blizzard’s StarCraft II AI API


A python tool for evaluating the quality of sentence embeddings.

PyEcharts is a library to generate charts using Echarts. It simply provides the interface between Echarts and Python.

Tensor Bridge
Tensor Bridge – OpenAPI spec and REST wrapper around TensorFlow Serving

Jupyter C Kernel
Minimal Jupyter C kernel

Karura enables you to use machine learning interactively

A TensorBoard plugin for visualizing arbitrary tensors in a video as your network trains.


MLlib Convolutional and Feedforward Neural Network implementation with a high level API and advanced optimizers.

A hardware-accelerated deep learning library for the web.

A library of tools to train and run neural networks for computer vision tasks using Chainer.

A deep reinforcement learning library built on top of Chainer.

Implementation of Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) and its variants in Tensorflow


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