Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – Aug. 10, 2017


Machine Learning Links and Lessons Learned
List of all the lessons learned, best practices, and links from the author’s time studying machine learning

DeepMind PySC2
StarCraft II Learning Environment

FaceNet is for easy face recognition, verification, and clustering in JavaScript/Node.js.

Python module to easily generate text using a pretrained character-based recurrent neural network.


A framework to organize the process of designing supervised machine learning systems

Keras Weight Animator
Save keras weight matrices as short animated videos during training

Jupyter + Angular2
The jupyter angular2 stack for creating wire-frame UX.


Code for Deep RL from Human Preferences [Christiano et al]. Plus a webapp for collecting human feedback

A tensorflow implemention of EAST text detector

Training convnets to segment visual patterns without annotated data


A platform for developing AI systems as described in A Roadmap towards Machine Intelligence

A thin layer built for running Apache Spark on top of TiDB/TiKV


1000+ tools, frameworks and libraries indexed at PocketCluster Index!
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