Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – Aug. 3, 2017


Jpeg Defense
A simple jpeg defense for the OpenAI attack

Applying unsupervised learning using K-means clustering

Awesome Data Science
An open source Data Science repository to learn and apply towards solving real world problems

Deep Learning Models for QA
Keras DL models to answer 8th grade science multiple choice questions (Kaggle AllenAI competition)


Go Perceptron
A single level perceptron classifier with weights estimated from sonar training data set using stochastic gradient descent

Tensorflow XNOR BinaryNets
BinaryNets in TensorFlow with XNOR GEMM op


Text Classification
All kinds of text classification models and more with deep learning

A set of numeric libraries for the Go programming language. It contains libraries for matrices, statistics, optimization, and more

Elasticsearch Scala Client – Non Blocking, Type Safe, HTTP, TCP

Pandas Redshift
Load data from redshift into a pandas DataFrame and vice versa

Netflix Vectorflow
A minimalist neural network library optimized for sparse data and single machine environments

1000+ tools, frameworks and libraries indexed at PocketCluster Index!
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