Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – June 22, 2017


Tweet Classifier
Tweet crawling and classification.

A Machine Learning Tutorial in Python3
A machine learning algorithms tutorials mainly in Python3.

Machine Learning for iOS
List of Machine Learning, AI, NLP solutions for iOS.


IBM PixieDust
Python Helper library for Spark IPython Notebooks.

A framework for building bot brains.

A Toolkit for Exploring Text for Relation Extraction.

DSPP Keras
Protein order and disorder data for Keras and Tensor Flow frameworks with automated update cycle made for continuous learning applications.

A visual dataflow programming language for sklearn.


Relation Network Tensorflow
Tensorflow implementations of Relational Networks and a VQA dataset named Sort-of-CLEVR proposed by DeepMind.

Tying Word Vectors and Word Classifiers
Implementation for “Tying Word Vectors and Word Classifiers: A Loss Framework for Language Modeling”.

Sequence to Sequence RNN
Signal prediction with a seq2seq RNN model in TensorFlow.


Tensor2Tensor Transformers
A library for generalized sequence to sequence models.

Spotify Scio
A Scala API for Apache Beam and Google Cloud Dataflow.

A platform for software and data analysis based on Pharo.


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