Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – May 4, 2017

New Apache Top-Level Project, CarbonData

Apache CarbonData™ becomes a Top-Level Project (TLP) on May 1, 2017, which is in use at a variety of organizations, including Bank of Communications, medical/pharma social platform DXY, Hulu, Huawei, group online retailer MEITUAN, SAIC Motor, Zhejiang Mobile, among others.


1TB ML Benchmark
Benchmark of different ML algorithms on Criteo 1TB dataset

GPS Machine Learning
A repository contains code and jupyter notebooks with machine learning algorithms for working with GPS trajectories during IotTechDay2017.

Blaze Getting Started
Introduction to the Blaze ecosystem.

Awesome Machine Learning for Cyber Security
Machine Learning Project Collection for Cyber Security


A flexible artificial neural network builder to analyse performance, and optimise the best model.


A Real-Time Multi-Person Keypoint Detection And Multi-Threading C++ Library

Automatic Speech Recognition
End-to-end automatic speech recognition from scratch in Tensorflow

PyTorch Style Transfer
Neural Style and MSG-Net


Kafka PHP
Kafka php client

Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Sentiment Analysis Toolkit for Node.js

A neural network toolkit for Metal from Apple.


Apache cTAKES
A natural language processing system for extraction of information from electronic medical record clinical free-text

An open source, distributed bitmap index that dramatically accelerates queries across multiple, massive data sets.

Apache Carbondata
Apache CarbonData is an indexed columnar data format for fast analytics on big data platform, e.g.Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, etc.


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