Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – Apr. 27, 2017


Reinforcement Learning
Minimal and Clean Reinforcement Learning Examples

Snowplow with Kafka
Example showing Snowplow Tracker and Collector writing to Kafka and being consumed from there

REST API for Text Summarization and Keywords Extraction

An artificial intelligence written entirely in JavaScript that recognises the font of a text in a image using the Tesseract optical character recognition engine and some image processing libraries

How to learn AI / Deep learning / Machine Learning
A practical, top-down approach, starting with high-level frameworks to increasingly difficult problems, beginning with test problems with clean datasets and the move towards real-world problems

Awesome Machine Learning with Ruby
Minimal and Clean Reinforcement Learning Examples

Evaluation of Deep Learning Toolkits
This research was done in late 2015 with slight modifications in early 2016. Many toolkits have improved significantly since then


This is a bunch of code to port Keras neural network model into pure C++

Streamlining phylogenomic data gathering, processing and visualization

Desktop notebook app + packages


CycleGAN Models
Models generated by CycleGAN

Autosklearn Zeroconf
A fully automated binary classifier based on the AutoML challenge winner auto-sklearn

Exploration of methods for coloring t-SNE.


Module for automatic summarization of text documents and HTML pages.

fastText Multilingual
Multilingual word vectors in 78 languages

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