Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – Apr. 20, 2017


Really Awesome GAN
A list of papers on General Adversarial (Neural) Networks

The Incredible PyTorch
A curated list of tutorials, papers, projects, communities and more relating to PyTorch.

Neural Storyteller
A recurrent neural network for generating little stories about images

Emoji Intelligence
Neural Network Emoji playground using Swift for iPhone


An electron app for building end to end Object Detection Models from Sample Videos.


Pretrained Show and Tell Model
A Neural Image Caption Generator implemented in Tensorflow.

Generative Models
Collection of generative models, e.g. GAN, VAE in Pytorch and Tensorflow.

DeepMind – Differentiable Neural Computer
A TensorFlow implementation of the Differentiable Neural Computer.


BICO is a fast streaming algorithm and reduction technique for the k-means problem

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