Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – Apr. 13, 2017


Where Am I
Uses WiFi signals and machine learning to predict where you are

AWS Lambda Face
Perform deep neural network based face detection and recognition in the cloud (via AWS lambda) with zero model configuration or tuning.

Awesome Artificial Intelligence (AI)
A curated list of Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses, books, video lectures and papers

DeepLearning Zero To All
TensorFlow Basic Tutorial Labs

Horse Racing Prediction
Using Support Vector regression algorithm to predict horse racing results

Neural Complete
A neural network trained to help writing neural network code using autocomplete


Type-safe, composable microservices for data analytics written in Haskell


DeepMind DQN 3.0
Lua/Torch implementation of DQN (Nature, 2015)

Customized Attention Span (CAS)
Recurrent neural networks with customized attention spans.

Learning Chinese Character style with conditional GAN

Code for Densely Connected Convolutional Networks (DenseNets)


DeepMind Sonnet
TensorFlow-based neural network library

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