Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – Apr. 6, 2017


Flappy ES
Playing Flappy Bird using Evolution Strategies

Kepler’s Machines
Machine Learning Project to discover Exoplanets

TensorFlow Book in R
This is the unofficial code repository for Machine Learning with TensorFlow(R).

Awesome Neuroscience
A curated list of awesome neuroscience libraries, software and any content related to the domain

Cracking the Da Vinci Code with Google interview problems and NLP
A guide on how to crack combinatorics puzzles shown in The Da Vinci Code movie using CS fundamentals and NLP


KMeans Elbow
Code for determining optimal number of clusters for K-means algorithm using the ‘elbow criterion’

Software that generates photos from paintings, turns horses into zebras, performs style transfer, and more

TensorFlow Autoencoders
Implementations of autoencoder, generative adversarial networks, variational autoencoder and adversarial variational autoencoder

Pointer Networks in Tensorflow
TensorFlow implementation of “Pointer Networks”


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