Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – Jan. 12, 2017

Google TensorFlow has reached v1.0.0 Alpha, and Apache OpenNLP 1.7.0 is released. In addition, Apache Foundation has recently promoted Apache Beam™ and Eagle™ as top level projects.

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Replicating AlphaGo’s architecture in a readable manner.

CNN based regression approach for estimation of machinery’s remaining useful life.

Deep learning chess engine, that has no idea about chess rules, but watches and learns.


GIS tools for Hadoop
The GIS Tools for Hadoop are a collection of GIS tools for spatial analysis of big data.


Deep Text Correcter
Deep learning models trained to correct input errors in short, message-like text.

CAPTCHA Recognition with Active Deep Learning
An Active Deep Learning strategy gaining new training data without any human intervention.

Deep colorizer based on unet architecture (Encoder decoder with skip connections).


A portable, header-only, artificial neural network library written in C99.

Open source time series library for Python.

word2vec for (almost) everything.

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Looking for more Big Data or Machine Learning repositories? You can find a lot more tools, frameworks and libraries at PocketCluster Index.

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