900+ Repositories

Readers have reached out and asked how many repositories the index site has. They also wondered why it shows small number of them.



As of today, the index currently tracks over 900+ BigData and Machine Learning repositories and daily updates their status. It isn’t, however, exactly obvious from the first look, and the site design does not help either; lack of search, no project count, and/or few broken links here and there.

Although all “issues” cannot be fixed right away, we can definitely spare some time for few low-hanging, easy ones. Among those, infinite scroll issue is looked into today.

The site is to scroll infinitely all the way to end. You do not need to click next pages or indexes to move around. The feature is built in that way so you can scroll through the entire collection of 900+ repositories and pick most appealing ones as quickly as possible.

Nevertheless, it has few glitches. Firstly, it’s not easy to see if there are more pages to go.


For that, a spinning indicator is added at the bottom of page when the next page is loading and there are more to see.

Secondly, when you click a project and come back, the site loses its original position and refreshes its content. This is rather irritating, and it would be ideal to keep the context related to old position. Few hours of investigation reveals that it involves a bit more work than expected. (Here’s a good link you might like to read about it.)

It will be looked again (promises!). As of now, when a project is clicked, a new tab will be open for further detail and you can keep your old context for further search.


Hope you like the update, and please let me know if you have further question!

Looking into adding your repo? Any suggestion? Comment? Send your feedback to stkim1@pocketcluster.io or tweet to @stkim1!

Looking for more BigData or Machine Learning repositories? You can find a lot more tools, frameworks and libraries at PocketCluster Index.

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