Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – Dec. 29, 2016

Apache Edgent, an analytics framework on edge devices, has recently reached the 1.0.0 milestone. Also, Facebook has recently released Beringei – a new storage engine specifically for time-series data.

Since this is the last round-up for this year, I’d like to take an opportunity to thank you for visiting, subscribing, and reaching out to me for various suggestions and encouragement. Weekly round-up will continue next year. Stay tuned!


NBA Player Movement
Visualization and analysis of NBA player tracking data

Google Youtube-8M
Starter code for working with the YouTube-8M dataset


Tools to Transform and Query Data with the Apache Drill, REST API, JDBC Interface, dplyr, and DBI Interfaces in R

Content Data Store
A system to provide storage facilities to massive data sets is in the form of images, pdfs, documents and scanned documents

Sematext Solr-Researcher
Solr SearchComponent for altering and re-executing queries that product poor results

Tools for numerical and visual summaries of NAs


A tensorflow implementation of French-to-English machine translation using DeepMind’s ByteNet

Neural Painter
Paint artistic patterns using random neural network

Unsupervised clustering with (Gaussian mixture) VAEs


A light weight, super fast, large scale machine learning library on apache spark

Intel pWord2Vec
Parallelizing word2vec in shared and distributed memory

Machine learning in Clojure

Tulip Indicators
A library of functions for technical analysis of financial data

Simple neural network library in ANSI C


Facebook Beringei (incubating)
A high performance, in-memory storage engine for time series data.

Apache Edgent (incubating)
An open source stream processing programming model and lightweight micro-kernel style runtime for edge devices that enables you to analyze data and events at the device

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