Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – Dec. 1, 2016

Comma.ai has open-sourced its self-driving agent, OpenPilot.


Comma.ai OpenPilot
Open source driving agent

A classic game of snake that is controlled by a neural network and trained using a genetic algorithm


Twitter AnomalyDetection
Anomaly Detection with R by Twitter

A Deep Learning Model for Cancer Data
TensorFlow Deep Learning neural network model for University of Wisconsin Cancer data

Deep Recommend System
Deep learning recommend system with TensorFlow


Entity Resolution for Apache Spark
Collection of some algorithms for entity resolution

Elastic R Client
R client for the Elasticsearch HTTP API

A simple JavaScript NLP-like library to help you creating your own bot.

Tiny DNN
Header only, dependency-free deep learning framework in C++11


DataFire is an open source API integration framework – think Grunt for APIs, or Zapier for the command line.

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Looking for more BigData or Machine Learning repositories? You can find a lot more tools, frameworks and libraries at PocketCluster Index.

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