Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – Sep. 26, 2016

Apache has promoted Tephra, a distributed transaction support framework, to an incubating project.

*https://pocketcluster.wordpress.com will move to https://blog.pocketcluster.io on Jan 1, 2017. If you have subscribed, please make sure to change the feed address.


Caravel is a data exploration platform designed to be visual, intuitive, and interactive.

ReAir is a collection of easy-to-use tools for replicating tables and partitions between Hive data warehouses.

Web UI for PrestoDB.


Neural Photo Editor
A simple interface for editing natural photos with generative neural networks.

iGAN: Interactive Image Generation via Generative Adversarial Networks
A deep learning software that easily generates images with a few brushstrokes (from UC Berkeley and Adobe CTL)

Text To Image Synthesis Using Thought Vectors
This is an experimental TensorFlow implementation of synthesizing images from captions using Skip Thought Vectors.


Plotting library for IPython/Jupyter Notebooks.


Apache Tephra
Tephra provides globally consistent transactions on top of distributed data stores such as Apache HBase.

You can find a lot more tools, frameworks and libraries at PocketCluster Index. Go check it out! Looking into adding your repo? tweet to @stkim1!

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