Weekly BigData & ML Roundup – Sep. 12, 2016

Last two weeks went by quite fast. Here comes another roundup for this week!


Clickbait Cluster
Code + Jupyter Notebooks for Visualizing Clusters of Clickbait Headlines Using Spark, Word2vec, and Plotly

Supervised Learning
Predictions based on a set of training data. Credits for some of the algorithms used go to Andrew Ng.

Code for processing AVRO data in Spark Streaming + Kafka (DirectKafka approach with custom offset management in zookeeper)


Apache Kafka client for Python; high-level & low-level consumer/producer, with great performance.

Infinispan-Spark Connector
Infinispan and Spark Connector

Readonly REST Elasticsearch Plugin
Safely expose Elasticsearch REST API directly to the public


Torch implementation of DeepMask and SharpMask

Train a deep learning net with OpenStreetMap features and satellite imagery.

Tensorflow implementation of Human-Level Control through Deep Reinforcement Learning

You can find a lot more tools, frameworks and libraries at PocketCluster Index. Go check it out! Looking into adding your repo? tweet to @stkim1!

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