Weekly BigData Roundup – July 1, 2016

Apache has recently promoted Bahir and OODT as top projects. Metron is in incubation as well.


Apache Bahir
Apache Bahir provides extensions to distributed analytic platforms such as Apache Spark.

MLDB is the Machine Learning Database


Apache Object Oriented Data Technology
Apache Object Oriented Data Technology (OODT) is a smart way to integrate and archive your processes, your data, and its metadata. Currently deployed at NASA, DARPA and more.

Apache Metron
Metron integrates a variety of open source big data technologies in order to offer a centralized tool for security monitoring and analysis.

Kafka Monitor
Kafka Monitor is a framework to implement and execute long-running kafka system tests in a real cluster.

Unicorn is a simple and flexible abstraction of BigTable-like database such as Cassandra, HBase, and Accumulo.


a go daemon which syncs mongodb to elasticsearch in neal realtime


H2O Training Book
Training materials for H2O World.


You can find a lot more tools, frameworks and libraries at PocketCluster Index. Go check it out! Looking into adding your repo? tweet to @stkim1!

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