PocketCluster Index is Now Online!



PocketCluster Index

PocketCluster Index is now online. The site is to collect all the Big Data tools, services such as Hadoop, and examples for you to take a look and make convenient references from.

There are a couple of good reasons for including examples. Most Big Data softwares have their ways of doing things. For example, Hadoop wants you to build Mapper and Reducer to properly interact with YARN/HDFS. Spark wants to you start with SparkContext and do things in terms of .map() and .collect(). There are not-so-subtle details like them in all over the places, but a starter in this field would not know until he/she bumps into an issue related to them. (Well, at least that was the case for me.)

To be honest, it won’t be like having an awesome mentor and working with her/him, but going through good examples could provide you good amount of comprehensive industry practices authors have acquired over long period of time. Examples usually include ways of work processes should flow, tips for particular situation, and even philosophies behind. After all, I believe providing and going through examples is a very effective way of handing accumulated knowledge to another member of community.

Some might wonder how collecting examples could be related to running Big Data stack on Raspberry PI. When you are in learning process, you simply want something to mess up with and to start over when everything breaks. On what place could it be better to run and break examples of Hadoop or Spark than PocketCluster?

PocketCluster has started with the idea of having fun through experiment and experience. It has huge distance from very rigid, don’t-touch-this-or-that environment. Go break it and start over whenever you want.

I will relentlessly add more entries as we go alone. If you believe something is missing or look into adding yours, just tweet me @stkim1.

Don’t forget to check out PocketCluster!


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